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Our services include

Guaranteed Start and Completion Dates

When the quotation is accepted we discuss and agree start dates and advise on how long the project will take. Once we commit to a start date we guarantee to keep to this date regardless of any other projects that we may have underway at the time.

We always give our clients a realistic completion date for the project. We are aware that clients make advance preparations for our work, such as scheduling time off work, planning for events and installations for furniture and appliances etc all after the expected completion date of our project.

Work always Continues until Completion without Any Interruption

Regardless of other projects that we may have underway at the time, we continue with each project until completion and without interruption. Because we dedicate specific staff for the duration of the project, we do not therefore need to re-allocate these staff to different projects at the same time. We are aware of the lifestyle disruption caused by construction work in your home and we try to minimize this as far as possible.

Ongoing Relationship with your Project Manager

For the duration of the project, the client will have an ongoing dialogue with our project manager. This is necessary to discuss the detail of the work being carried out, such as for example, where to position plug sockets, light switches and so on.

Wyckham Builders Ltd is fully registered and tax compliant.

We are fully insured which includes Public Liability, Product Liability, Contractors All-Risks.

Safety, health and Welfare at work (construction) Regulations 2013

Weather you're building your dream home, renovation or extending, Wyckham Builders Ltd offer you a professional building services, also advice on planning, design and building solutions.